Welcome to the ElementalsMCPE Store!


Here, you can purchase any items you want, either for a friend or for you, you can purchase these items through PayPal

Even though we strive to make each of our players have an advantage we still need the profits to keep the server up as long as it takes to pay for the server hosting, planned features and many more.

For Parents:

We understand the risks of buying online but you can rest assured that all your sensitive information is kept safe, we don't keep/take/know your sensitive information, instead, our payment processor, PayPal, offers plenty of security for you, it's trusted by millions around the world, your sensitive information is encrypted and can only be accessed by you, not us.

Terms and Conditions:

Under any circumstances, we will not give out any refunds to any orders/packages.

We reserve the right to free you of your order under any reason we may have.

If you are not satisfied with your rank, you can switch it to another player of your choice, just contact our owner on discord, only valid within 3 days.